Guest House Insurance

Having the correct Guest House Insurance is without a doubt one of the most important considerations when running or owning a Guest House.

Guest house insurance is a very specific type of insurance, a hybrid of personal and commercial insurance. Unless you have specific guest insurance in place, there is every chance that you expose your business and family home to considerable risk.

There is also little doubt that Guest House Insurance is one of the most neglected areas, with many Guest Houses having the incorrect insurance in place.

Having the correct Guest House insurance affects many issues that range from marketing and grading, through to your own liability towards guests.

  • Having the incorrect Guest House insurance prevents Guest Houses from being graded
  • Incorrect Guest House Insurance also prevents Guest Houses listing with Match, the FIFA world cup accommodation partner.

Perhaps most importantly…

  • If a guest is injured during their stay at your Guest House, the incorrect Guest House cover could result in you having to meet a claim out of your personal finances. With large payouts this could lead to an owner even having to sell their business, often this is this family home too.
  • Losses suffered such a bilking, theft of a guest’s belongings and business interruption are all risks carried by the guest house owner themselves.
  • In severe cases, where a substantial claim is made and the incorrect insurance is in place – it could result in the loss of the business and family home.
  • Poor advice often leads to over insuring your Guest House, in a similar vein under insurance, poses a severe risk to your financial well being in the event of a claim.

What Guest House Insurance Must Have

Guest House Insurance should be tailored to each individual Guest House, meeting both the needs and the budgets of the owners. In addition it is absolutely essential that the correct public liability cover is in place. Without this, peace of mind cannot be assured.

How To Get Your Free Guest House Insurance Check

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